Prairie Wind Bee Supply

Welcome to our website!


Prairie Wind Bee Supply is now offering mentoring/consultation

 services for beekeepers! We service all of Wyoming and northern 

Colorado. Are you a beginning beekeeper? Are you concerned

 about your bees? Are you not sure what to do next? We offer 

mentoring and support for you, with your bees, at your bee yard. 

 We have a lot of experience with bees, and can help you with 

traditional Langstroth hives, top bar hives, seasonal management, 

hive inspection, queen skills, diseases and mites, etc. Our rates are 

great: $50 for 1 hour (60 min)! If we need to travel more than 10 

miles to get you, we charge a fee of $0.50 per mile for every mile 

after the first 10. Contact us via email to set up a time!

We only sell package bees and nucs. We do not sell tools, supplies, or equipment. 
We recommend using Mann Lake bee supplies; they have great prices and free shipping over $100. 
See their website here: