Our Vision:

An excellently operated honey bee supply company that provides the highest standard of excellence to the community in product and service.

We are SOLD OUT of bees for 2016.

Now Recommending:    Beehave Professional Mentoring Service!
                                                                                                                               with Kristina Williams
"I offer professional, one-on-one, on-site mentoring and support, especially for beginning and intermediate beekeepers along the Colorado Front Range. I have 30+ years of experience with bees, including sideliner, hobby, research, subsistence, Langstroth, TBH, Warre, Africanized, and native bees.  I have a Master's from CU in honey bee behavior and genetics and worked for the USDA in TX and Mexico on Africanized bee program.  I'm based in Boulder and travel up and down the Front Range helping people and their bees get along."
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We are sorry, but we do not sell beekeeping equipment. 

See our Resources page for a few great suppliers!